Hugo  FERnandes

creative commercial photographer

Photo By  Daniel Charles

Hugo Fernandes is an advertising and marketing international student at Humber Lakeshore from East Africa Tanzania. He is a multi talented creative entrepreneur, with a diverse range of skills in Photography, Videography, Art direction and Technical Event production. Hugo applies his skills as the co creative director at JF Images. With over 7 years of experience in the event production industry, he has collaborated with various artists in Africa and has worked with international clients such as ; Coca Cola, The U.S State Department and TED Global. Hugo is driven to take on new challenges and transform them into outstanding results. He believes that if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far  go together.

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JF Images is a skilful team of creators dedicated to transforming your visions to life by providing custom services in photography, videography, graphic design and set decoration. JF Images collaborates with artists, community organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their brand awareness and visual identity, through content creation and brand activations. Some of their amazing clients include; The City of Brampton, GardenSquare, SickKids, Kilburn Media, Humber College, Simba S.C Football Club , Vodacom Tanzania and Goan Overseas Association.


The Biz Mixer / Vodacom / Coca Cola/ Us Aid / Loud/ Dr Seuss Experience

Humber / Cayuga/ Event masters /Serengeti beer/ Karibu Fair/Nyce Productions /Honey Jam 


Humber Galleries/ Toronto / 2020

Humber Galleries/ Toronto / 2021

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largest Afro beats  playlist with over 39hrs  not curated by Spotify the  Music is  from across Africa from East Africa  South Africa and West Africa with also Global African Decent  with touches of western Caribbean's  Artist  these songs got selected  for  its unique composition  credibility & vibes with a variety of 90s Music  to the current 2021 updated  by Hugo Fernandes